Assessment & Placement Services

The Assessment is a facilitated evaluation by a highly qualified and trained professional to help determine progressive nature of their disease, severity and appropriate level of care. At IRON our professional assessors utilizing ASAM (American Society of Addiction Medicine) criteria will make a recommendation based on this objective criterion pertaining to what is most clinically appropriate for the patient. We will also attempt to gather information from family, concerned loved ones and various stakeholders to see the full range of the disease and its impact. It is also a chance to fully engage concerned loved ones into the treatment/recovery process.

Not every patient is appropriate for Iron Recovery and Wellness Center, some may require residential services or specialty services not offered at our center. Part of the IRON clinical mission is to ensure appropriate placement services to ensure the patients and their families receive the help they need.

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Iron Recovery and Wellness Center was awarded CARF accreditation for our Opioid Treatment Program. Iron Recovery and Wellness Center is comprised of an expert and dedicated staff and are conveniently located just off of route 1.

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