Holistic and Mindfulness Approaches

It is a natural human inclination to seek pleasure and to evade uneasiness and distress, but research indicates we are not always aware of this innate inclination. For example, we might pick up our tablets or cell phones to decrease feelings of boredom or we might use food to cope with stressful situations, without even realizing we are using such means as coping mechanisms.

Researchers have shown that substance use is another instance of the need we feel as humans to gravitate towards enjoyment and evade pain.

While conventional treatment for substance abuse centers on deterring or restraining contact with triggers that cause emotional distress or inflict cravings, about half of those struggling with addiction end up using again within a year of leaving treatment. Though traditional methods can be effective, recent studies show that holistic rehab therapies like mindfulness can also be useful in deterring substance abuse relapse. At Iron Recovery and Wellness Center, we offer Holistic and Mindfulness approaches that help assist ‘traditional’ therapies or to engage patients who have not responded in the past to traditional therapies.

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Iron Recovery and Wellness Center was awarded CARF accreditation for our Opioid Treatment Program. Iron Recovery and Wellness Center is comprised of an expert and dedicated staff and are conveniently located just off of route 1.

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