Life Skills Development

Many people with severe addictions have become so obsessed with feeding their addictions that they have neglected many everyday responsibilities. When this neglect becomes chronic, it can result addicts forgetting how to properly take care of themselves and their dependents. That is why life skills therapy can be so critical to help those in recovery to rebuild their lives after treatment.

At IRON our addiction treatment programs condition patients for reentering the real world following and during treatment. By teaching our patients how to make better life decisions and reinforcing this behavior through various exercises, they are better able to maintain long-term sobriety.

Personal Skills

Patients need to remember how to take care of themselves again. This includes basic tasks like doing laundry, grocery shopping, budgeting, proper hygiene and cooking nutritious meals.

Professional Skills

In some situations, a person with an addiction has not only lost his or her job but has lost some employability as well. Life skills therapy helps patients with creating winning resumes, job hunting, computer skills, time management, problem solving, decision making and critical thinking.

Social Skills

Prolonged substance abuse especially damages a person’s social skills. Substances begin to act as a crutch for people with addictions. They feel unable to interact with people, handle stress or feel relaxed and happy without misusing drugs or alcohol. Life skills training will help them build self-esteem, improve stress management, regulate emotions and resolve conflicts without the aid of drugs or alcohol.

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